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Cash Discounters
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Merchant Cash Advance Loan Link Partner
Merchant Cash Advances, the leading loan provider, offers an attractive Merchant Cash Advance Loan proposition for people to meet their business funding needs. Call us at 1-877-353-2284!
Get up to 40% more than the surrender value by selling your endowment policy.
Airline credit card, Low interest rate, Balance transfer
Offers low interest credit cards.
American Group Funding, Inc.
Purchases existing real estate contracts, mortgage notes and deeds of trust nationwide.
American Viatical Settlements
News, testimonials, an FAQ, and an information request form.
Annuity & Mortgage Purchase, Inc.
Purchases insurance settlements and casino and lottery payments.
Ardan Group Ltd.
Provides viatical and life settlement services nationwide.
Beachwalk Financial Group
A broker for multiple life settlement companies.
Cascade Capital
Purchases mortgage notes, structured settlements, lottery winnings, and other cash flows.
Creative Finance and Investments, LLC
Purchases deeds, notes, annuities and other contracted cash flows
DRW Investment Corp
Purchases mortgage notes, trust deeds, lottery winnings and structured settlements.
Edward J. Adams Brokerage
Purchases, sells and brokers mortgage notes and other debt Instruments.
Freedom Financia, LLC
Buys seller financed notes secured by residential, commercial and land only properties.
Heir Advance Company
Advances cash to heirs of inheritances prior to the close of probate.
Individual Benefits, Inc.
Provides viatical settlements of life insurance policies.
Inheritance Funding Company, LLC
Provides cash advances for heirs on inheritances.
Integrity Funding Sources
Purchases structured settlements, annuities, mortgage notes and lottery winnings.
Israel Bond Redemption and Services
Buyers of non-matured State of Israel bonds.
J.G. Wentworth
Purchase of private mortgage notes, structured settlements, insurance and royalties.
Jameson Mortgage Company
Purchaser of contracts, deeds of trusts and mortgages.
KG Funding
Purchases mortgages, lotteries, structured settlements, accounts receiveable, and commercial loans.
Legacy Benefits Corporation
Provider of viatical and life settlements.
Life Partners, Inc.
Provider of life settlements and viaticals.
Lifeline, The
Offering viatical settlements for the terminally ill and senior settlements for the elderly.
Living Funds
Living Funds is able to financially assist those who are facing financial stress from the high costs of a terminal or chronic illness by the means of a viatical settlement.
Lump Sum USA
They provide a large lump sum of cash for your structured settlement, annuity, mortgage note, business note, and lottery winnings. They pay top dollar for your cash flow note.
Mutual Funding Group
Purchases settlements, lotteries, trust deeds, business notes and farm subsidies.
National Cash Funding
Buyers of a wide variety of financial notes nationwide, including real estate and business notes, settlements, accounts receivables (factoring), and purchase orders.
National Contract Buyers, Inc.
Buyers of real estate contracts, mortgages, trust deeds, lottery winnings and legal settlements.
National Viatical, Inc.
Offers viatical settlement services to investors and to the terminally ill.
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